International Review of Humanities and Scientific Research (IRHSR)

Aims and Scope of the Journal  

International Review of Humanities and Scientific Research (IRHSR) is an open access, free and peer reviewed journal, publishing original research and review articles in the field of Agriculture and Environmental Science. IRHSR welcomes outstanding contributions from around the world, especially from developing countries. IRHSR is a multi-disciplinary journal publishing a wide range of high quality papers that develop the fundamental science of agriculture and environment. The paper should address new developments within the frame of monitoring, modelling, mitigation and management of agricultural and environmental issues.  

IRHSR covers a wide variety of topics relating to both:  

(a) Agricultural Sciences, such as Sustainable agriculture, natural resources management, agronomy, horticulture, soil sciences, plant breeding and genetics, plant physiology, microbiology, weed science, biotechnology, plant pathology, plant protection, food science, agricultural mechanization, water management, arid agriculture, agricultural engineering, agricultural policies and legislations, and the interaction of agriculture with environment;

(b) Environmental Sciences, such as sustainable development, climate change, atmospheric science, meteorology, air pollution, emission and source apportionment, water pollution, soil pollution, GIS and remote sensing, natural hazards (flash floods, earth quake, snow storm, sand storms etc.), transport studies, environmental modelling, environmental monitoring, environmental management, environmental impacts, environmental engineering, economics of environmental pollution control, environmental policy and legislation, case studies on environmental issues,  innovative technologies and other related subjects.

The manuscript should address issues related to the above topics on local, regional, or global scales.

Manuscript written only in English language (British/American) are considered for this journal. Poor English is one of the most common reasons for manuscript rejection, therefore kindly check your language carefully before submission. Remember this is an open access journal and publishes manuscripts free of charge. Open access (in contrast to closed access or subscription-based access) journals increase visibility, usage, and impact of your research work, thus making research findings more effective and beneficial. IRHSR releases four issues annually in March, June, September, and December.