International Review of Humanities

& Scientific Research

ISSN: 2519-5336

Year 2016 , Volume  1, Issue 3
Pages: 157-166
Generator cooling system in North Benghazi power plant considered one of the most important auxiliary systems like all the power plant in the word, using force convection method to cooling the generator means we need parts like motors, fans and pumps. This component and else in the system have to monitor and maintenance continually. Improvement the reliability of this system inverts positively on the power plant by decreases unexpected showdown and maintenance cost. The failure distribution pattern and the mechanical sign of failure such as noise vibration and temperature by expect failure time by study statistically the five years history have been studied in this investigation. It was observed that the normal distribution is fit failures pattern and the mechanical problems especially in the belt behind the most failure reasons of this system gave high noise as clear sign of failure start.
By: Nabiswa Patrick Koyi Donald N. Siamba Jacob W. Wakhungu
Pages: 167-180
The study investigated the adoption rates of technologies in dairy sector in Bungoma County.This study was anchored on Porter's Value Chain theory. The study adopted cross-sectional research design. Target population consisted of 13 Dairy Cooperative Societies with a total membership of 10,062 livestock farmers, eight (8) Livestock Officers from the eight (8) sub-counties, 13 managers of Dairy Cooperative Societies and other licensed milk vendors. The study used semi-structured questionnaires, key informant interview schedules, focus group discussion and observation schedules to collect primary data. A Pilot study was carried in Kimilili Sub-County and then sets of data analyzed using Cronbach alpha method which yielded an alpha value of 0.824. Validity of research instruments was tested using content, construct and face validity. The data obtained was analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. The study found out that the adoption rates of dairy technologies like Artificial Insemination (AI), internet and e-dairy, silage making techniques, daily milk yield recording devices, milk conductivity indicators, automatic temperature recording devices and lactometers, hay making techniques, bloodless castration and hot iron dehorning among farmers in Bungoma County was low. Among the factors that negatively affected their adoption included years of experience, gender, age, farm size, cost of veterinary services, and type of dairy breeds. The study recommended designing of policies and programs like farm advisory programs that will enhance dairy production, thus transforming dairy value chain for food security and sustainable development in Bungoma County. These findings will be vital to the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development and other policy makers in enforcing measures for achieving food security in Bungoma County, Kenya and Africa as a whole.
Governing Commons and Natural Resource
By: Abebaw Abebe
Pages: 181-200
I would like to give my deep gratitude to the course instructor Teshome Taffa (Asst.Pro), who gave me this assignment to prepare term paper and made me to know some concepts on the subject matter along with accomplishing the task. In addition, my gratitude to our fellow friends, who gave me ideal assistance for the preparation of the term paper, is from the bottom of my heart.
Investigating the impact of online banking on clients coming back (Case study: Agricultural Banks of Tehran City)
By: Shabnam Maghsoodloo
Pages: 201-207
Present study aims to investigate the impact of online banking on clients coming back. The study is an applied research in terms of objective and descriptive – survey in terms of method. Statistical population of the study includes all Agricultural Bank clients in Tehran City. The data collection tool used for the purposes of the study is questionnaire. The reliability of the questionnaire was confirmed using Cronbach's alpha coefficient 0.762. SPSS software was used to analyze collected data. The findings of the study suggest that online banking significantly affects clients coming back. The findings of the study also shows that cost, ease of use and security have a significant impact on clients coming back.
Investigating relationship between Authentic Leadership, trust & job engagement (case study: Social Security Organization in Tehran)
By: GholamReza RashediManesh
Pages: 208-216
Job engagement as one of welfare dimension states a positive & active feeling which is recognized by high performance & interest & honor. In the other words, it is related to a promoting psychological & humanistic aim as well as because of its strong impressionability from leadership style & healthy organizational atmosphere in this research relationship between Authentic Leadership, trust & job engagement have been investigated. Therefore, field study has been done through providing questionnaire & its distribution among 263 of experts of Tehran Social Security Organization. Collected data has been analyzed by using SPSS software. Results have indicated there is a strong relationship between Authentic Leadership& trust with job engagement of employees in the organization.
By: Dr. Hussein Abdulmuttaleb Ali khan
Pages: 217-230
The environmental impact of most releases of petroleum wastes would be minimal if the wastes remained at their points of release. However, wastes can migrate away from a release point by a number of pathways. The present study was conducted on Al Manatherah river in Al Manatherah city in the aim of studying the contamination levels of oil and grease, with some water quality parameters (NO3, pH, T.U., Cl,) and selected climatic parameters (precipitated dust particles, temperature, dust storm, and rain) were depended. Samples of raw water were collected and analyzed from Al Manatherah river station during a period of fifteen months, starting from October 2010 to December 2011. The purpose is to assess the level of parameters measured and their effects on the river. Statistical analysis used to describe the relations between oil and grease and the other parameters and a regression analysis was performed by "Data Fit" program version 8.0 Software. This study showed that discharging domestic sewage and industrial waste water from adjacent areas, caused oil and grease contamination of levels more than Iraqi standard limits in 64 times .The highest values of oil and grease recorded in heavy rainy months impacted by runoff from land, the second highest values of oil and grease occurred in May. Finally, oil and grease levels, also increased according to precipitated dust particles, and dust storm which will lead to use more amounts of oil and grease due to different activities, followed by discharging of polluted waters to sewers or into river directly.
E-Governance plays a crucial role in higher education system of Uttarakhand: A prospective overview to this aspect.
By: Dr. Abhimanyu kumar
Pages: 231-234
This research paper aims at finding out that whether electronic governance(e-governance) has played a crucial role in the enhancement and development of higher education system of Uttarakhand and to what extent the results have been achieved and what further steps to be taken to achieve the goal in this respect. Though Uttarakhand has having completed more than 9 years as a separate state, is now poised to embark on a new era of rapid development and inclusive growth in the higher education system. A good higher education system is required for overall development in Uttarakhand. A remarkable growth in the higher education sector had made the administration of higher education institutions intricate, but has declined in its level somewhat over the past one decade due to remarkable increase in the number of colleges and universities and their privatization. Therefore use of Electronic governance and Information and Communication technologies helps to reduce the intricacy and enhance the overall administration of higher education. E-Governance is understood as a set of activities involving the effective contribution of information and communication technology (ICT) for administration and management in higher education system in Uttarakhand. Education system requires various needs that include computerization and management of processes i.e. registration, admission, student information, classes, time table, transport, attendance, library, salary and expenses, examinations, performance, grades, hostels, security and reports. In this study, an attempt has been made to discuss the concept of E-Governance and use of latest application in higher education sector. Thus, with the help e-governance higher education system of Uttarakhand will definitely boom in flying colors and would lead to a new direction to the make in Uttarakhand.